Compact Science

Compact Science - Class 3

A Book of Science for Class 3

Author : Chandrani Datta

Standard : Class 3

Note:Please download and install the font before viewing book


The series of science textbooks titled COMPACT SCIENCE has been developed to
cater to the science curriculum of classes 3–8 to enable to learn about the world of
science in an innovative and interesting manner.
The salient features of books 3–5 are:

  • The textual matter is written in an easy-to-understand language and is supported with colourful and accurate pictures.
  • Science Vocabulary given at the first page of each chapter provides a clear understanding of unfamiliar terms.
  • The myriad of Activities in each chapter aids in the concept of learning by doing.
  • Interesting information pertaining to each topic dealt with has been added as Knowledge Desk.
  • Checkpoint section is meant for quick response to the concepts just learnt.
  • Wrapping it up at the end of each chapter is the synopsis of the chapter for quick revision.
  • Exercises at the end of each chapter contain a variety of questions for evaluating the knowledge gained by students.
  • Click the Link contains web links related to the topics to help student explore the related information.
  • Each book is supported by Exhaustive Digital Content for teachers containing:

                                   (i) Lesson Plans           (ii) Book solution (Answers)          (iii) Projects
                                   (iv) Unit Test Papers     (v) Term-end Papers                     (vi) Test Generator