New Science Power

New Science Power - Class 3

A Book of Science for Class 3

Author : Mrs Shalini Mahajan

Standard : Class 3

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New Science Power 3-5

For CBSE Schools

New Science Power is a series of science textbooks. It has been developed to cater to the science curriculum of classes 3–8 to enable to learn about the world of science in an innovative and interesting manner.

The salient features of books 3–5 are:

  • Written in simple and easy-to-understand language.
  • A large number of colourful, eye-catching illustrations support the text matter.
  • Simple Activities in each lesson aid in the concept of learning by doing.
  • Something More provides some additional information related to the topic.
  • Checkpoints provide assessment opportunities within the chapter.
  • Science Vocabulary provides a clear understanding of unfamiliar terms.
  • Wrapping It Up at the end of each lesson is the summary of the lesson.
  • Exercises at the end of each lesson contain different types of questions to test the knowledge of students about the topics taught.
  • Think Zone helps to promote logical thinking in students.
  • Beyond the Text is replete with numerous activities.
  • Interesting Information pertaining to each topic dealt with has been added.
  • Each book is supported by Exhaustive Digital Content for teachers which contains:

                                (i) Lesson Plans (ii) Book Solution (Answers) (iii) Activities

                                (iv) Projects (v) Unit Test Papers (vi) Term-end Papers

Author: Mrs Shalini Mahajan

Mrs Shalini Mahajan did her postgraduation in Chemistry from Delhi University. She had worked as Assistant Editor in a reputed publishing house for four years.

At present, she is teaching science subjects in a reputed Delhi-based Sr. Secondary School. She has more than fifteen years of teaching experience.

Mrs Mahajan has interest in writing. So far, about 20 school books have been published to her credit.