Matrix - Class 1 Semester 1

An Integrated Semester Course

Author : A Team of Authors

Standard : Class 1 Semester 1

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About the Series:

MATRIX – An Integrated Semester Course is an innovative series for Classes 1–5. It comprises 10 books (two semester books per class). The core subjects included in each class are English, Mathematics, EVS (Classes 1 and 2), Social Studies and Science (Classes 3, 4 & 5). A section of General Knowledge has been included in all the books to create general awareness among children.

The series is well-planned, carefully graded and has appealing illustrations. It fulfils the requirements of the primary–level syllabi and enhances the holistic development of children.

Other Key Features of the Series are:

  • Warm Up: A pre-reading task that introduces the theme of the lesson.
  • Checkpoint: Is meant for quick response to the concepts just learnt.
  • Knowledge Zone: Provides some additional information beyond the text.
  • New Words/Remember these Terms: Provide clear understanding of unfamiliar words and terms.
  • At One Go: Recapitulates the important points of the chapter.
  • Chapter-end Exercises: Reinforce learning through a variety of questions — MCQs, true or false, question answers, etc.
  • Think and Answer: Help the children to think beyond the classroom.
  • Activity/Project: Hands-on activities make the process of learning enjoyable.
  • Life Skills: Inculcate in children important values and life-related skills.
  • Periodic Tests and Model Test Papers: Comprehensively evaluate the child's level of understanding.
  • The Teacher's Manuals: Would prove to be a valuable aid to the teachers.