New Computer Power

New Computer Power - Class 1

A Book of Computer Class 1

Author : Gursimran Kaur

Standard : Class 1

Note:Please download and install the font before viewing book


New Computer Power 1-5

New Computer Power is a series of eight books for Classes 1-8. It has been developed keeping in mind the latest changes in the field of computer science and technology.

The content in the series is presented in an interactive way that is easily demonstrable. The series is based on Windows 8.1 and MS Office 2013.

Key features of the Book:

  • Pictorial approach making the books easy to understand.
  • Well-graded series progressing from simple concepts to the more challenging ones.
  • Each lesson has the following different sections:
    • Activity Time: Giving hands-on activities to make learning more enjoyable.
    • Cool Fact: Provides additional and interesting information on the topic being discussed.
    • I Now Know: Given at the end of each lesson for a quick recap.
    • Do and Learn: Comprising a variety of well-graded questions.
    • Computer Time: Giving a wide variety of practical tasks to be performed in the lab.
    • Teacher's Note: Giving pedagogical hints to teachers to enable them in making the lesson interesting and enjoyable for students.
    • Testing Time: Comprehensively evaluating the students’ level of understanding.
  • Project Work: Evaluating students on application of the concepts learnt.
  • Glimpses of Window 10: Making students aware of the next version of Windows operating system enabling them to apply past knowledge on newer versions.